Photo Recap: LGBT Sports Summit and Pride

We put together some pictures from the Nike LGBT Sports Summit and Portland Pride. It was a weekend full of work, fun, and education.

Thanks to Josh Sanders, Mason Briles, Theodore Liskoski and Matt Jolles for helping us capture a few of these moments to share with everyone.


On day 1, Pat Griffin brought people on stage to recognize the past, present, and future representation of the LGBT sports movement that attended.



LGBT athletes, coaches, and administrators from all over came together and bonded over the discussion of LGBT issues and strategies for improving sports environments and promoting inclusion.



Jeff Sheng gave a presentation on his Fearless project, touching our hearts with his dedication and courage.



At the end of the day, we gathered for the Nike Pride party.



To kick off Saturday morning, we listened to Jarvis Brown tell his story. This young football player is an amazing example of the kind of advocates we need. After hearing his story, everyone joined together for a group hug.

Group Hug


After the final workshops, we participated in panels to close the summit. Anthony Nicodemo, Jeff Sheng, and Katie Barnes spoke on mentoring and role-models. Our last panel gave us an opportunity to hear from Billy Bean and representatives from MLB.



Before we left the exchange, Jason Collins made a surprise appearance.



We took group photos with some GO! Athletes and people who shared their stories through Outsports.

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Finally, on Sunday, those who were able to stay marched with Nike in the Portland Pride parade.








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We said our goodbyes for now, but we left knowing that we had hundreds of people willing to help us implement what we learned on our respective campuses.



While these pictures just scratch the surface of showing the friendship and power we experienced, we wanted to tell some of the story. We encourage everyone to talk to attendees about what they learned and how we can all come together to do something great.