Get Involved BIG

Numbers- 1Join our Network to gain access to our group of other LGBTQ student athletes. Join our network at by clicking here.


Numbers- 2Share your story as an LGBTQ athlete or ally to help increase visibility to LGBTQ people in sports by writing a blog post for the GO! Blog or by speaking on panels at schools and conferences by being a GO! Athletes speaker.


Numbers- 3Organize a panel discussion, lecture, or GO! Athletes workshop at your current or former school.


Numbers- 4Spread the word. Share GO! Athletes stories and news and engage with us on social media @GO_Athletes.


Numbers- 5Create a GO! Athletes chapter on your campus to support LGBTQ student athletes and allies.


Numbers- 6Join a GO! Athletes committee to do hands-on work on specific projects to support LGBTQ athletes.

Numbers- 7Committees include:

Member Engagement


Finance Committee

Conference Committee

Social Committee

K-12 Committee


Numbers- 8Organize a fundraiser for GO! Athletes so we can continue to support LGBTQ athletes.


Numbers- 9Take on a leadership role by being a Coordinator or Board Member within our Network.










“I’ve said since its inception that GO! Athletes is the most important piece to the LGBTQ sports movement. GO! Athletes is a powerful organization because of how it empowers Generation Out, putting today’s youth in the driver’s seat of transforming the world of sports into one founded on inclusion. If I had found GO! Athletes when I was young, I likely would have never quit basketball. Sadly, I barely gave it a chance because of the solitude I felt thinking, knowing, that I was different, that I was alone. I am so proud to be a small part of GO! Athletes, the key to unlocking sports for an entire generation of youth.”

Cyd Zeigler

Co-founder, Outsports







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